The Dashboard

Monitor capacity, quick search for clients, view clinic-wide notes and instant message co-workers.

The Calendar

View color-coded appointments, rechecks and vets and see at a glance what you've got going on.


Make one appointment, or a hundred, with a few clicks. Or better yet, let your clients do it with free online booking. Super-duper easy.


We’ll call, text or e-mail to provide gentle reminders to owners that might forget they've got somewhere to be next Tuesday.


Public accounting, volume client billing, walk in sales, yep, we've got it covered. Easily exports to QuickBooks.

Credit Card Processing

1.59% and 14 cents per transaction. Simple.


We love data and know you do too. So we have all kinds of slick reports displaying key metrics. Or you can create your own custom reports. Whatever makes you happy.

Mobile ready

Run CHQ in your mobile van. Optimized for tablets.

Grant Management

Link specific grants to specific clients and animals. If grants are restricted to particular target areas (zip) or animal characteristics (breed) or client characteristics (low income), you can link grants to clients, no problem.

Data Migration

We likely can import your old data into your shiny, new, cloud-based database in Clinic HQ.